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200hr Residential Hatha & Ayurveda Yoga Certification 

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Tina Toft
Lori Sjollema

12 days Residential with 2 days live-online tutorials! 



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Vinyassa Flow Yoga studio in Marbella
hatha yoga pose of two woman on a yoga mat as part of a teacher training

Yogi Health Certificate

Become an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher with a Yogi Health Certificate in Ayurveda

Creating a learning environment for gaining broader knowledge and awareness of how to practice and teach yoga – safely, confidently and enjoyably.

Certification through ‘Yoga Alliance Professionals’ YAP
This new and fresh approach to Hatha Yoga Teacher Training incorporates ‘Ayurveda’ wellness.

The course is run by highly experienced and internationally acclaimed Yoga Trainers with over forty years of teaching experience and trained in more than one yoga style, including Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga.

About the Course

How long is the course?

This 200hr Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda Training includes a 12- day Residential Immersion Training held in Southern Spain with 2 days online-live tutorials (September 9th & 16th 2023).

What will I learn?

This 200hr training aims to produce the very highest standards of yoga teachers with the confidence to make a real difference in the future yoga world.

Where will I stay?

Your stay is in a beautiful and relaxing venue situated across the Mediterranean Sea of Morrocco. Everything is designed to enhance your learning experience. Huerta Belinda is a majestic large mansion in a small and natural urbanisation of El Cuarton. It is 8km from the bohemian ‘Tarifa’, Spain known for its wonderful beaches. It has a beautiful large swimming pool, spa and gardens, lovely patios for relaxing and magnificent views. Once at Huerta Belinda you may not want to leave!

Yoga retreat villa in the south of Spain in Tarifa
Close up of hands from two people doing a yoga pose Downward Dog in Marbella

Tell Me More…

This Training is a completely immersive and intense residential training approach of 12 days consecutively and students will enjoy a rapid and deep learning process in the asanas, philosophy, anatomy & physiology and teaching methodology, while part of the 200hr program will be online.

This is a relatively quick route to a yoga teaching qualification and a practical guide to start teaching from a solid foundation. You will also benefit from acquiring knowledge of Ayurveda through Ayurvedic practices and wisdom with an introduction to seasonal and doshic diet lifestyle and management.

Not only will you gain a YAP (Yoga Alliance Professionals) 200Hr teacher training qualification, but you will also receive a diploma in Ayurvedic Wellness!

We welcome tutor and support to those seeking a deeper understanding of yoga whether this is purely for their own personal yogic development or a desire to teach yoga to others. We nurture students and teachers with empathy and heartfelt commitment.

We offer a safe and positive environment with a compassionate approach to encourage and motivate. We seek to awaken in the student own ability and combined love of yoga to ignite within themselves and others to follow a path of thoughtful insight.

We are committed to the continuous development of meaningful yoga programs and teacher training courses that continue to increase the impact of health and well-being on our communities and thereby uphold the fundamental principles and ethical standards of yoga, subscribing to Ahimsa (non-violence) Satya (truthfulness) Svadhyaya (self-development).

The student’s own health and well-being are of significance to teaching yoga. All students are tutored in the importance of self-care and how to balance their own dosha according to Yoga and Ayurveda. This includes nutrition and ayurvedic practices.

Yogi Health’s Foundation Teacher Training Course gives the student the confidence and integrity to teach yoga. This is achieved by receiving a foundation of knowledge in the philosophy and principles of yoga. Supported by the science of Ayurveda, and functional human anatomical systems, meaning understanding how the systems of the body work together.

 Yoga and Ayurveda

Students will gain a steady and incremental amount of knowledge and skills through diligent practice, purpose and discipline enabling them to expand and improve throughout the tutorials, asana practice and modules. Through the course, they will draw upon their practical skills and knowledge with group discussion, face-to-face adjustment of the practical asana, interactive and immediate question, answer and review sessions, collaborative participation and ‘ hands-on’ adjustment of the practical asana. The supervision from the course leader will be in real-time and feedback and support is given immediately.

The overall course has two major areas- 1. Your own practice and personal development 2. Your Teaching methods. These areas are explored at all junctures to help you clarify your future yoga journey and personal and teaching development.
Students will be asked to apply with honesty regarding their current yoga practice and their reason for wanting to attend the yoga teacher training course, in many cases the foundation course is the first opportunity the student has had for sustained and planned practice and their intention is of interest to the course leader.

For acceptance onto the Yoga Teacher Training course, a mutual meeting time is planned, virtually, this is an opportunity for both the student and course leaders to discuss any questions about the practicalities and suitability of joining the course. Often the course leader may highlight gaps in the student’s current practice and knowledge and therefore suggest the best way in which to prepare for the course, this may involve some mentoring.

After acceptance onto the course, payment will secure a place and a book list, and a pre- yoga practice schedule will be sent out. A time will be agreed upon for a personalised Ayurvedic Health Consultation.
As a graduate of our Registered Training School, you will be able to become insured as a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher in the UK and Internationally as a safe, knowledgeable, and confident teacher.
Delivering the course will be Yoga Alliance, Yoga Pro 500 hr Yoga Teacher Trainers, Tina Toft and Lori Sjollema.
Your meals and timetable will be Ayurvedically balanced and designed by Tina from her Ayurvedic recipes and lifestyle book. You will also receive Ayurvedic Health training and products including body, face and hair oils, and copper tongue cleaner.

two girls performing yoga on a mat in a yoga studio in Marbella
two yoga students on the mat with a yoga teacher helping position the students as a yoga teacher training with Lori
two yoga students on the mat with a yoga teacher helping position the students as a yoga teacher training with Lori
Yoga teacher teaching numerous yoga students within a yoga studio in Marbella
Gabriella yoga in Marbella teacher

The Course Includes:

Pre private 1:1 session with the course leaders to help you prepare for the course + 1:1 personal Ayurveda consultation  

  • 11 nights and 12 days at Huerta Belinda arriving September 24th on day one in the afternoon 16:30 PM and departing October 5th on day 12 departing at 11:00 AM
  • All healthy nutritious meals 
  • All virtual courses by Zoom, September 9th & 16th 9AM-5PM GMT
  • Yoga Manuel
  • Personal guidance on healthy rituals and routines including a selection of Ayurvedic herbal oils for your skin, hair, and body to use throughout the course
  • Daily Q and A and end-of-day reflection sessions

The 200hrs are made up in the following way:

Guided by senior teacher trainers & course leaders, Tina Toft & Lori Sjollema. 12 DAYS RESIDENTIAL AND 2 DAYS VIRTUAL.

This includes the following:

  • Asana clinic, adjustment clinic & technique, somatic training, injury & recovery 
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Teaching methodology
  • Ethics, environment management, safety and care, legalities & transition to professional teaching
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Subtle bodies
  • Philosophy of yoga, schools of yoga, personal development
  • Self practice, study, and assignment non contact hours
  • Ayurvedic nutrition, diet, and health  
  • 1:1 preparatory session and private consultation
3 yoga students lying on the floor in a yoga teacher training class in Southern Spain
Vinyassa Flow Yoga studio in Marbella
Yoga classes in Marbella

Our Instructors

Woman sitting at the edge of a swimming pool in a yoga pose for a yoga retreat

Lori Sjollema

Tina Toft yoga teacher preparing food for students at yoga retreat in Marbella

Tina Toft

Tina Toft is the Founder of Yogi Health Ltd and runs her Yoga Teacher Training Academy offering residential courses in the UK and Spain.
Tina is a certificated Sivananda Yoga Teacher (500 hrs). Over recent decades she has emerged as an acknowledged IYN Yoga Elder and a Yoga Alliance Professionals – Yoga Pro. This in recognition of delivering over 10,000 of yoga teaching hours.
Tina wrote one of the first yoga for cancer teacher training courses in the UK. She also trained in children’s yoga & extra needs, pregnancy yoga, yoga for addictions, mental health, and cancer. Her Yoga Teacher Training Academy offers specialist training in all these areas to yoga teachers as well as Yoga Teacher Foundation 200 hours training. She recognises the importance of providing ongoing mentoring and support to yoga teachers further to their initial training. All her courses are certified by the Independent Yoga Network and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Tina’s unique style of teaching combines a deep love and respect of yoga with a strong functional medicinal Ayurvedic influence. Tina’s teaching includes anatomical physiology to benefit the student with the understanding of not only the anatomy of the human body but also how the different bodily systems relate to each other, this enhances the students teaching style and confidence and provides them an additional certificate in Ayurveda

Tina is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner having studied for over three years in the UK for her diploma and over 500hrs in Pune India. She is a member of AAPUK and APA. She runs her own Ayurvedic practice and clinic supported by her online Ayurvedic shop. She is the author of the Ayurvedic Weight Loss Plan and the Ayurvedic Detox Plan containing her uniquely powerful ayurvedic herbal medications and delicious recipes.

Lori has devoted herself as a Yoga teacher and Body Therapist for over 30 years and holds over 2,000 hours of professional teaching; one to one private tuition, retreats, workshops & Trainings. She holds qualifications and certificates (500 hour) in several traditions, Anusara, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Rasa Yoga and Raja Yoga (Shri Satchidananda) including 5 years training in Iyengar Yoga.

She shares her love and passion for Ayurvedic healing and teaches and shares from the experience and wisdom of her own life, using the tools of Ayurveda and the physical practice of Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Self-Understanding.

Lori teaches a flow-style yoga, hatha yoga, restorative and yin yoga with deep respect to alignment and therapeutics. She skill fully weaves themes through her classes so that each student experiences a journey that goes beyond moving the body and instead moves deep into the heart.

She is the founder of Radiant Yoga Marbella and has dedicated her heartfelt energy into making it a space for healing body, mind & spirit as well as building a strong sense of community.

Villa with large swimming pool used for a yoga retreat in Tarifa Spain

The Price?

Residential Teacher Training Price:

3,450 Euros (3,025 British Sterling)

DEPOSIT: 1,150 Euros or (1,150 British Sterling)

May be paid in 3 Instalments.  

  • Your full stay at Huerta Belinda Resident Center
  • All meals
  • Includes the entire training and 1:1 consultations

 For more details, please submit your details here.


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