Kobido, Fusion Massage, Cranial Shiatsu

Massage is a sacred act and it is from this deep place of understanding and awareness that I perform my therapies. In my treatments I use a variety of effective techniques that stem from holistic and energising approaches to massage that help to channel the body’s vital energies. The body and the mind drop into deep relaxation, facilitating the body-mind-spirit connection.

I am a devoted student and therapist and continue to expand my knowledge in the fields of Yoga, Anatomy, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I use the wisdom and expertise acquired in these fields to enhance the quality to my work.


Ayurvedic Therapies

Isabel’s interest in Ayurveda started after years of practice & trainings of Yoga which had a profound input on her as she realized many things about her lifestyle, routine and diet that were really against her nature. The concept of the doshas (blending of the five elements) amazed her and she found it made alot of sense, that’s why not all kind of foods, routines and lifestyles are good for everyone.  Isabel made her Ayurveda training in India at the Ayurvedic Clinic of Palus, in Maharashtra with Dr. Chandrakant, who is the owner and specialist in osteoarthritis and spinal issues. She learned how to practice everything she had studied. She was already working as an Ayurvedic therapist when she started doing shamanic healing training.


Thai Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Adelaida has many credentails. She is a yoga teacher, body therapist, psychologist and psychoanalyst.  She studied Zen Shiatsu and Thai massage in 2005 at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai with the Master Pichest Bonthoumme, where she came back to improve her knowledge.  She then went on to study deep tissue and thai foot massage as well as Cranialsacral therapy.  Her personal practice and knowledge is deeply rooted in the Zen Meditation and Vipassana traditions. She wishes to share her wisdom and experience for the benefit of all beings.


Thai and Deep Tissue Massage

Lori has been practicing and giving Thai massage for 20 years. She studied the tradition and method of the Chiang Mai Old Medicine Hospital learning directly from Master and Sports Physio-therapist Phillip Daragon. She is also an experienced deep tissue massage therapist, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner and uses her wisdom of the body to serve each client respectfully and uniquely.