Are you seeking a way to connect with your inner self and discover your true essence? The Zen Enlightenment Intensive is what you need. This unique retreat experience offers a 24-hour silent contemplation period, interactive partner sessions, Zen Yoga energy-building exercises, and guided meditation to help you better understand yourself and the world around you.

What is the Zen Enlightenment Intensive?

The Zen Enlightenment Intensive is a retreat experience that allows participants to delve deep into the ancient question, “Who am I?”. Charles Berner originated this process in the late 60s. It involves dedicated partner work called Dyads, which intensify the process, enabling deeper insight within a shorter period.

The process is then blended with Zen principles to create a Zen Intensive experience, which allows you to embark on a personal hero’s journey in search of answers. This process enables you to discover a more profound sense of who you are and how you interact with the world around you, often allowing a greater compassion for all living beings.

How does the retreat work?

The Zen Enlightenment Intensive portion of the retreat takes place over 24 hours. Participants are introduced to the process on the afternoon of the second day of the retreat. Once the intensive begins, participants are asked to maintain silence and refrain from contact with the outside world, including using mobile phones or laptop computers.

The partner work rotates through 5-minute blocks of either being the neutral listening partner or the speaking partner. The speaking partner can speak unfiltered whatever arises in response to the question, “Who am I.” As the process progresses, more and more insights begin to surface, helping the individual connect with who they are. Along with Dyad partner work, guided sitting and walking meditation will be a part of this time.

What to expect during the Zen Enlightenment Intensive?

The Zen Enlightenment Intensive provides an opportunity to gain deeper insight into oneself through the following activities:

1. 24 hours of individual silent contemplation

The retreat provides a safe space for participants to turn their attention inward and reflect on the question, “Who am I?”.

2. Interactive Partner Sessions

The partner work allows for directed speaking communication to a neutral listener, intensifying the contemplation process and helping to surface insights that may not have arisen in silent contemplation alone.

3. Zen Yoga Energy Building Exercises

The Zen Yoga exercises help build up Ki (Qi) energy and clear the mind, allowing for a deeper state of relaxation and concentration during the retreat.

4. Walking meditation & Guided seated meditation

The walking and seated meditations help participants stay present and focused during the retreat, allowing them to connect with their inner selves.

Is the Zen Enlightenment Intensive for me?

If you seek a deeper understanding of yourself and dare to be open and curious, then the Zen Enlightenment Intensive may be for you. This retreat offers an opportunity to release the burden of everyday stresses and get to the heart of what’s essential. To fully participate, you need to be willing to detach from the outside world for at least 24 hours, be a non-judgmental, compassionate listening partner, have the willingness to communicate fully and openly whatever emerges during your speaking portions and to have the desire to set out on your own personal hero’s journey. 


The Zen Enlightenment Intensive provides a unique opportunity to connect with oneself and discover a deeper understanding of who you are. The retreat’s combination of silent contemplation, partner work, Zen Yoga, and guided meditation creates a safe and nurturing environment that enables individuals to embark on a personal journey with Yoga in Marbella.