Teacher / Aerial Yoga

Angela Viejo practiced firstly as a student to Yoga for more than 10 years before she completed her first Ashtanga yoga teacher trainning in India. Since then she has certified in several yoga disciplines including Acroyoga, Rocket, Aerial Yoga and KidsYoga. She is as well a certified Thai massage Therapist. She regularly visits her teachers in India and Thailand, as a devoted student and researcher.
“Yoga is life. The greatest growth I found when sharing my mat and my practice space with other people, is to see yourself and your tendencies. Acroyoga taught me to trust, to give myself respect, patience and listening, to breathe with strangers as if they were my brothers, to care for others with my heart, not to judge, to be more equanimous and loving, to be happy for others’ achievements. Yoga shows a way to lose fears and recover the divine strength common to all beings. Yoga is you, aware of the gift of breathing and life, present and in absolute union with all beings”
At Her classes she cares with joy for every student, encouraging all to achieve their goals.