Co-founder / Anusara, Hatha

To Arianne, Radiant Yoga is about being able to share the very extensive art of Hatha Yoga practice to create an environment that brings a sense of ‘Mudita’ or Joy, that goes beyond our mats and into all aspects of our lives. “Yoga has helped me throughout the years to stay grounded and stable when things become bit rough and wobbly. Yoga presents me every day with the opportunity to practice patience, compassion, clarity, balance and awareness. These are the aspects I would like to share with my students.”

Having gathered many strings to her bow over the years studying Archaeology, Anthropology and Arabic in London, living on a sail boat, working as a veterinary assistant, travelling 2 years by car throughout Africa, practicing decorative painting and having a consistent yoga practice for the past 20 years. She finally decided to settle back in Spain and has been teaching yoga in Marbella since 2006. She is certified in Hatha yoga and has completed the Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training. She also holds a certification in Thai massage and Ayurvedic studies and incorporates this knowledge into her classes.

“Being able to go with the flow in life and not getting stuck by fear of change has been one of the main lessons i have learned in my life. My classes are infused with this principle of not being afraid to challenge yourself, of being flexible in our minds even before our bodies.

I am is deeply thankful to all my teachers along the way who have shared their knowledge, expertise and love for yoga. I believe it is my responsibility to pass on this knowledge to the best of my ability.

Shanti Shanti Shanti, step by step, slowly slowly, with peace and patience in our hearts .”