Michael has been meditating since 2012. Having
trained as an actor in London, he was exposed to Alexander’s technique and dynamic body
awareness training. Since 2017 he has been deepening his practice by traveling frequently
to India learning from his gurus there. Michael has trained with Breathworks (mindfulness-
based training organized by West London’s Buddhist centre). Michael has also undertaken 2 Vipassana courses in India and London (14 day silent meditation retreat). Michael’s spends a lot of time in silent sittings with one of his guru’s Sri Apachi.
Michael is an active member and teacher in Auroville where he collaborates with ATB practitioners and meditation
teachers. Since 2014 Michael has been facilitating his own workshops in London, having
recently re-branded to the School of Connection, a well-being company dedicated to enrich people’s lives helping them develop better connections with themselves and others.