Teacher / Ashtanga, Fusion, Hatha Flow and Breath work

Coming from a background in dance, Zarah has always been fascinated by the grace, strength and intelligence of the human body and how closely this vessel is connected to the mind and inner being.  Endlessly curious and highly sensitive to the world around her, Zarah came to yoga as a way of physical healing but soon realised it was so much more… an infinite internal world which spoke volumes with the power to access our highest potential.

Zarah is certified in Hatha, Astanga, Pranayama, Indian philosophy and Massage and uses elements of the fluidity and freedom of dance within her classes – Yoga also as an outlet and an expression of our true nature along with the traditions, that she is so passionate about keeping alive.

Zarah has taught full time in London, Australia, India, Portugal, Morocco and Ibiza for the past 6 years and looks forward to continuing to learn and grow in union through the harmonious path of yoga.