Teacher / Prenatal Kundalini
Mette has practiced Yoga and Pilates most of her life.
When she discovered Kundalini Yoga 6 years ago in the USA, she found her passion.
Kundalini Yoga is now the regular practice in her everyday life.

We combine movements and breath to stimulate the bodies energy and glandular system.
The body’s nervous system and immune system is then strengthened in a way that your
energy flows better and your mind is relaxed.

Growing up in Norway, in a retailing family, Mette opened her own Fashion Store in Oslo, at
the age of 23.

7 years later she moved to the US with her husband, where she lived for 16 years, raising her
3 sons.

Mette is Certified Kundalini Yoga and Prenatal Khalsa Way Teacher.
She is a Life Alignment therapist, a vibrational healing system.
She is a Reiki Practitioner.

The Prenatal Kundalini lies especially close to her heart. The classes are designed to
support mama and baby mentally, spiritually and physically throughout the entire
pregnancy, birth and early life as a new family.

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