When a baby is in utero everything is developing from the physical body to the
emotional body which is why it is essential for a woman to feel safe and supported
during this very special time. It is known that how we think, breath, eat and exist in
pregnancy will have a direct effect on our unborn child. Living a yogic pregnancy
during these nine sacred months will give the mother and family the tools needed to
navigate this ever changing world they are entering. It is already a profound
experience creating life, when you add prayer, trust, grace and ease, it can be the
most divine experience of one's life. We use yoga, meditation and education to
develop inner trust and wisdom to guide a woman into conscious motherhood. Most
importantly, we utilize this ancient science of yoga and meditation to optimize a
woman’s time with baby in womb, to heal the past and create a new story for
motherhood. It is sacred, playful and a powerful way to begin a new life as a growing

The Khalsa Way practice is dynamic like Kundalini yoga but is adapted for pregnancy.
The movements and postures are drawn from many lineages of yoga, but the
fundamentals, meditations and chants come from the practice of Kundalini. It is a
powerful and graceful practice designed for all types of women in all stages of
pregnancy. It is wonderful and essential time to connect with other pregnant women
to share the universal and unique experiences of becoming a mother. All classes are
catered to all levels, giving each woman a chance to practice at her own pace.

The Khalsa Way was founded by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in 1995. She was already an
established Kundalini Yoga teacher and was a student of Yogi Bhajan. When pregnant
women started coming to her regular Kundalini class she realized a great need for the
teaching to be specialized for mama’s to be. After the birth of her daughter, many

women began to come to her for guidance and learning. Yogi Bhajan gave Gurmukh his
blessing to translate the teachings for the pregnancy community. And so it began.
Starting with just a few mamas in her home, it has grown over 25 years supporting
Khalsa Way teachers and communities all over the word.