“I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to do my yoga teacher training with you Yogi Kaivalyananda. I can’t imagine there is anyone else with as much passion, knowledge and dedication than you, who shared experience and expertise with us with such grace and in such detail. The yoga practices were incredibly inspirational and refreshing and each day you pulled something new out of the bag to challenge us. Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher! Namaste”

Lejla, Germany

“I never expected to feel so many changes within me during and after your course. I have never and I say never, experienced such an incredible well-being mentally and physically than during your training course. You took us from our comfort zone and transmitted us energy boosts. Strength and responsibility within us, without this way of teaching, I don’t know if I would have managed. You opened up something in me that had been asleep. I loved hearing you talk about the ego within us, and the essence of yoga. The rhythm of life to walk, and be aware of the nature and the details of life that with all this hurry, we don’t see. Life essence and the importance of being present in every daily situation. I love talking to my children about it, so thanks to you and to your way of making me awake, two little creatures will also benefit from it.”

Mencia, Spain

“I kind of had a feeling beforehand that the training would give me something new and, with Kaivalyananda, something amazing. But I couldn’t expect what I got. 3 intense weeks from 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening. Days filled with knowledge about the history of yoga, an understanding of the importance of the breathing techniques with tongue locks, bandhas and mudras and how it effects the energy in our body, the balance between yin and yang, how to do asanas in a flowing sequence to get the fullest benefits, knowledge about anatomy and on top all of this also pranayama, mantras and meditation – which I did not expect to learn in a hatha yoga training. In short terms; Kaivalyananda managed to combine all the important ingredients to create not only balance but also a transformational change physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have never felt so good in my life and people are constantly telling me that I am glowing and that they feel good to be around me. This teacher training was beyond all my expectations and dreams. I could never do a hatha yoga class again without doing it the way it should be done – this is the real thing. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am longing to share my new knowledge and the inner peace, balance and happiness it brings, with my participants to come. Thank you Kaivalyananda for this life changing experience.”

Li, Sweden

“I would like to thank you for all the work and love you put into the course. We had a wonderful group and all the people opened their hearts throughout the course and we grew into a loving and caring yoga family. You taught us with lots of love and understanding. Some days you kicked us out of our comfort zone and that was exactly what we needed in this moment. We gained a lot from your wisdom and knowledge and learned so many things for our daily life. Thank you for letting us grow!”

Sanny, Germany

“When I first met Kaivalyananda two years ago, I deepened my practice more in just a few months than the previous 15 years. I had a dream to become a yoga teacher, but I wanted to learn it with somebody who would give me a real teaching. So I waited for an opportunity to learn it with Kaivalyananda and now my dream came true. I am very grateful for the opportunity to take his teacher training. Now I know hatha yoga from different aspects: correct sequencing for maximum physical, physiological and energetic impact, pranayama, meditation, mantras and philosophy. I am amazed at how many precise aspects such as certain bandhas, including tongue locks, can make a huge difference, and these same aspects were missing in my previous yoga classes I took before coming to this level of understanding and precision. I am excited to implement this into my own practice and have an opportunity to share it with others. Namaste.”

Deimante, Spain